About Us

About Us

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Telagen group of companies, Kingspride Properties’ mother company is a Kenyan company with over 8 years’ experience in the real estate development market. It’s a leader in this sector providing easy solutions to home ownership such as through its pioneer product, the Zero deposit home ownership offering.

Company Objective.

A broad range of comprehensive services are available from the company especially for mixed use property developments, from local-urban nodes to large scale new city developments throughout sub-Saharan Africa. The Company’s products address four key development processes in one seamless comprehensive offering:

  • Development Conceptualization and Planning
  • Development, Design, Project Management and Product Delivery.
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Property Management

Our Vision.

To be the premier real estate investment and project management firm across the region, providing value added solutions across the globe.

Our Mission.

To provide affordable, safe and comfortable superior goods and services to our customers.

Our Core values

We believe that our strategy will benefit our clients, with optimum solutions for their investment plans and provide the Group with outstanding long term opportunities for consistent and sustainable growth thus need to embrace the values below;

  • Integrity
  • Quality
  • Commitment
  • Continuous improvement

Executive Summary

The company actively pursues partnerships with interested and able parties in the following areas:

  • Joint Venture Developments: Partnering with land owners to develop viable real estate projects, thus returning handsome returns on investment (ROIs) to the landowners by unlocking the latent value in the land to be developed.
  • Project Management: Involves actual management of the project engineering services, coordination of the various consultants involved in a project. This is from project conception to project completion (turn-key).
  • General Construction: Contracting services towards actual construction in the various projects as a general contractor i.e. Kingspride Constructors.
  • Project Marketing and Sales: Developing marketing tools to put the developments on a platform where prospective purchasers get exposed and enticed to them, and managing the sale closure process.
  • Property Leasing and Management: After sale service, property end user management, facilities and amenities management.




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